'The Judge' Screening in NYC

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Robert Downey Jr. attends a Q&A at the official Academy Members Screening of The Judge hosted by The Academy Of Motion Picture Arts And Sciences at the Academy Theater at Lighthouse International on October 7, 2014 in New York City.

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'The Judge' Chicago Premiere

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Robert Downey Jr. attends the Chicago premiere of The Judge at AMC River East Theater on October 5, 2014 in Chicago, Illinois.

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Robert Downey Jr. Q&A with Deadline

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EXCLUSIVE: When I pull up to the home that Robert Downey Jr and his wife and producing partner Susan share in Malibu, there are the trappings you would expect from the house owned by Hollywood’s best paid actor. The small fleet of cars, all tarped; the expanse of Pacific Ocean viewable from most anywhere on the grounds, a small staff that runs the house. But there are also the mischievous aspects you expect from Downey. There is that wooden blocking dummy in the barn that has raised bruises a plenty as Downey spent the last decade closing in on his black belt in the Chinese martial art Wing Chun. There’s the bright yellow front door that is as cheery and inviting as the spacious interior. The rooms are adorned by an undoubtedly pricey artwork collection, but there is nothing show-offy; the bathroom, for instance, features a medley of framed photos, each artfully depicting moviedom’s more memorable action scenes that involve a chainsaw.

Downey’s expressive eyes widen when Susan enters a room filled with the creative guys who think they’ve finally cracked his next new star vehicle; Yucatan, a heist pic Steve McQueen created for himself, revived after The Great Escape star’s writings and diagrams were found in a trunk long after he died. Susan is eight months pregnant, and that bump is so modest that I note when my wife was eight months pregnant with each of my kids, I’d gained more weight than has Susan. I have visited Downey many times over the last 15 years, for two Playboy interviews, a cover that launched Details Magazine, and some others. A big difference between the actor in those uncertain times, and the confident star/producer I see now, is Susan. A tough cookie who came up at Silver Pictures, she is a centering influence, and Robert clearly adores her. We are here to talk about The Judge, the first film that came out of the Team Downey lab at Warner Bros, and one that gives him an opportunity to match his considerable skills with the legendary Robert Duvall. As usual, we try to at least spend some time on that film, but Downey’s electric wit sends us through all the other fascinating things going on in his busy life at an age most men begin to slow down.

DEADLINE: The cover of Vanity Fair pronounces you Hollywood’s highest paid star. What’s that mean to you when you read it?
DOWNEY: Well, let’s look objectively at what it really means. It is a temporary fact, but it is an accurate one, I think. I haven’t actually sought to discredit the fact.
'The Judge' LA Premiere

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Robert Downey Jr. and his wife Producer Susan Downey arrive for the Warner Bros. Pictures and Village Roadshow Pictures' Premiere of The Judge at AMPAS Samuel Goldwyn Theater on October 1, 2014 in Beverly Hills.

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RDJ Teases Return For 'Iron Man 4'

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Marvel’s upcoming movie slate going into 2020 still has a lot of empty spaces with a lot people pointing the finger at the billionaire, playboy philanthropist to set out on a fourth adventure. With Iron Man 3 taking a whopping $1.2 billion at the box office in 2013, it’s pretty clear why Marvel would be keen for Iron Man 4.

However, Robert Downey Jr.’s contract to play Tony Stark and Iron Man only sets up him up for next year’s Avengers: Age of Ultron and the follow up, Avengers 3, which has put a spanner in the works the possibility of a fourth Iron Man movie.

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Downey Jr. has cryptically spoken out about the chances of another Iron Man film saying, “I’m sure we’ll ride that thing. You’ve got to surf that all the way into shore.

“I think I was at the forefront of something that was coming into being, and I think it has carried me as much as I have informed it,” he continues. “That’s the healthy way to look at it. It’s so easy to become inflated by the successes, but what they really are are long, strong trends. It’s just another wave.”

The Hollywood Reporter - October 2014

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Robert and his wife Susan are featured in another magazine! This time it's the October issue of The Hollywood Reporter. Don't forget to check out the gallery!

The Downeys Reveal Perfectly Symbiotic Marriage

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In a rare joint interview, the couple give THR a peek into their relationship ("He was interesting but weird," she recalls of their first encounter) and open up about how she helped orchestrate his recovery, his career comeback and their first joint project, 'The Judge' (after their son and upcoming daughter, of course): "She is the font of all good things," he says.


The right logo says a lot about a company. MGM wouldn't be MGM without its lion. Amblin is defined by E.T. in a bike basket. And where would Pixar be without its hopping desk lamp? Then there's the logo for Team Downey, the production house that Robert Downey Jr. and his wife, Susan, opened a little more than four years ago. It's in the shape of a yellow street sign, with a cutely drawn stick-figure mental patient in a straitjacket being chased by a stick-figure nurse with a butterfly net.

Which tells you pretty much everything you need to know about Mr. and Mrs. Downey, the most "perfectly symbiotic" marriage in Hollywood (at least according to Sherlock Holmes director Guy Ritchie).

"I'm turning off the AC," announces Susan, 40, getting up from her chair in the spacious "living area" of Team Downey's three-story, pop art-filled headquarters on Venice's Abbot Kinney Boulevard. "It's freezing in here!"
Esquire UK - October 2014

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Continuing to promote his new movie The Judge, Robert appeares on the cover of the October issue of Esquire UK. The new photoshoot was taken by Tom Craig. Enjoy!

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Robert Downey Jr: To The Edge And Back

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Robert Downey Jr is the boy who had everything, lost it and found it all over again, who went from Oscar-nominated actor to junkie jailbird to king of the box office. Over dinner at his home in Malibu, he tells his extraordinary story to Esquire.


When you arrive at Robert Downey Jr’s house for dinner, a security guard tells you to park alongside “that fleet of covered cars”, and an assistant escorts you to the house. So far, so Malibu. You say the traffic wasn’t terrible. She says, “Ugh, the 405” and, “Oh, if you could just remove your shoes, I’ll take you in.” And you think – we’re here already? This is the house?

It’s a beautiful parcel, no doubt: a bunch of green acres that dips gently towards the sea with some studio apartments at one end that were once groomsmen’s quarters (the previous owner rescued horses). But the house itself is remarkably unremarkable. A cozy, 3,000sq ft home that has no aspirations to be in magazines; a place of cats and comfort, of children and toys, and funny, funky art, much of it by the French street artist Dran. If it weren’t for all the staff – there’s a chef pottering away in the kitchen – it’d be easy to forget that a movie star lived here. A huge movie star.

Not that I was expecting some McMansion full of fountains and topiary. But some kind of starchitect deal maybe? A place with a bit of snap and flash about it, to match his fees, his Star Ranking, his famous fast-talking swagger. After all, in Malibu, the rich build dream homes as a rite of passage. It’s a way of announcing their arrival, if only to themselves. And there’s no disputing Downey Jr’s arrival. In roughly a decade-and-a-half, he has gone from junkie also-ran and Inmate P50522 to the highest-earning actor in Hollywood for two years running. Last year alone, he clocked up $75m, thanks mostly to Iron Man 3, which made $1.2bn worldwide. So, he’s not neighbours anymore with “Figueroa Slim”, “Sugar Bear” and his other “cellies”. Now he’s neighbours with Rick Rubin and Beck and Jackie Chan, or so he’s heard. And didn’t Tony Stark live in Malibu, too?
'The Judge' Stills & Posters

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I’ve added new batch of stills, posters and a behind the scene photo of Robert’s movie The Judge. The Judge will be released in less than 2 weeks in the USA. Check out the photo gallery!

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